Inspired by

Café Racers

Personalised, exclusive design is so important in today’s world and with Mini Remastered by David Brown Automotive, the options are endless.

The ‘Inspired by’ range offers you a completely new and exclusive way to express yourself, with a uniquely designed specification, available in strictly limited production numbers, inspired by the Café Racer motorcycle movement which emerged in the early 1950’s and continues today.

1 of 25 examples

Uniquely numbered and strictly limited to 25 examples, ‘Mini Remastered, Inspired by Café Racers’ offers a higher level of exclusivity than the standard car with soft tabac and chalk leathers, chrome details and an exclusive latte cream and arabica brown exterior paint finish.

‘Mini Remastered, Inspired by Café Racers’ sets a new standard in vintage biker style. The signature painted Café Racer twin fender stripe reflects the fuel tanks on early Café Racer motorcycles, while brogue leather bonnet straps add to the vintage feel and twin Cibié® LED driving lights give the car an on-road presence like no other.

The interior is lavished in soft British-sourced hides and an opening rear side glass with bespoke David Brown Automotive knurled latches match the knurled cool-to-the-touch switchgear on the instrument panels. Ivory LED illuminated Smiths® dials and a painted dash complete the retro feel.

Around town, ‘Mini Remastered, Inspired by Café Racers’ stands out from the crowds of vintage motorcycles, whilst offering comfort, style and modern technology to fit in with modern day life.

With the 1275cc performance enhanced 71 horsepower 4-cylinder engine and 4-speed manual transmission, twin rear exhaust outlets and front performance disc brakes, ‘Mini Remastered, Inspired by Café Racers’ offers unrivalled classic vintage style, exclusive personality and on-demand thrills.

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