Silverstone Build Facility Tour


Product Description

Discover the world of David Brown Automotive and uncover the art of coachbuilding in the 21st century. Beginning with a film which explores David Brown’s vision for the company, you will get the opportunity to ask our dedicated staff questions, whilst exploring our customer specification suite. Following this, you will be guided around our production line where you will witness how Speedback GT, Speedback Silverstone Edition and Mini Remastered are transformed from handcrafted shells into classically-inspired automobiles, equipped with 21st century conveniences and luxurious interiors. A 20-minute accompanied test drive in a Mini Remastered model is available as an optional extra.

Duration: 2 hours

When: To be booked and confirmed once purchased (Mondays – Thursdays) Once payment confirmation is received please contact to arrange suitable dates.

Where: David Brown Automotive, Silverstone Park, Silverstone, NN12 8FU United Kingdom

Price: £40 per person or £70 including a test drive of a Mini Remastered model

Please note the following:

Tours are open to persons over 15 years old only

The facility has some steps

Photographs are permitted upon request and approval

David Brown Automotive wish to give customers who fulfill the eligibility criteria, the opportunity to test drive a Mini Remastered model. Test drives are subject to terms and conditions, availability of the vehicles and eligibility.*

*Terms & Conditions:

  1. The Borrower must provide a valid copy of their drivers licence and complete a driver declaration form prior to the Accompanied Test Drive. David Brown Automotive retains the right to cancel the Test Drive at any time.
  2. Legal title to the Vehicle shall at all times remain with David Brown Automotive.
  3. David Brown Automotive will insure the vehicle, but the insurance will not cover for goods and personal effects in the Vehicle. The Borrower shall comply with any requirements of David Brown Automotive’s motor insurance policy provider and David Brown Automotive’s standard rules of use. David Brown Automotive reserves the right to charge an insurance excess for any damage caused to the Vehicle by the Borrower. Insurance cover may be invalidated in particular if (i) damage or loss of the Vehicle is caused intentionally or by misuse or neglect, (ii) the Borrower is prosecuted for dangerous driving and/or causing death by dangerous driving. The Borrower shall indemnify David Brown Automotive upon demand for any costs, losses or expenses suffered by David Brown Automotive in the accompanied Test Drive that insurance cover for the Vehicle is invalidated due to an act or omission of the borrower.
  4. The Borrower is advised that motorsport and, participating in drives as a passenger or driving on dedicated driving circuits can be dangerous. The Borrower confirms that he/she is familiar with the nature of the accompanied Test Drive and that they acknowledge those risks, which are inherent therein, and, subject to the following, that the Borrower drives or takes part in the accompanied Test Drive at the Borrowers own risk. The Borrower agrees to abide by the provisions of the Highway Code at all times whilst driving, and to follow the indicated routes if any and to avoid unnecessary stops and deviations from these routes.
  5. The Borrower understands that David Brown Automotive reserves the right to remove the Borrower from the vehicle if it considers the Borrower’s actions to be dangerous or detrimental to the other participants of the accompanied Test Drive.
  6. Except in the respect of liability for death or personal injury caused by the negligence of David Brown Automotive or its employees or agents, David Brown Automotive or its employees or agents will not be liable for any other loss or damage (including consequential loss) howsoever caused.
  7. You will not consume any drugs, alcohol or medication that will impair your driving ability before or during the Accompanied Test Drive.
  8. You agree to abide by the provisions of the Highway Code at all times whilst driving and to follow the indicated routes, if any, and to avoid unnecessary stops and deviations from these routes.
  9. You must ensure that at all times you take proper care and drive within the Vehicle’s and, in particular, your limitations and you will not at any time disengage any active safety features of the Vehicle.
  10. You are to have sole responsibility for the consequences of your own conduct and personal safety and for any decision on your part as to your fitness to drive and whether to drive or discontinue to drive the Vehicle at any time whilst it is in your possession or under your control throughout the Accompanied Test Drive.
  11. You are solely responsible for any motoring or traffic offences and resultant penalties or fines that you commit or incur whilst using the Vehicle. Any notices received by David Brown Automotive relating to these will be forwarded to you and the relevant parties (Police/Clerk to the Justices) will be informed as required.

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